De Toren Private Cellar


279,00 kr inkl. moms

De Toren Fusion V  2015

Bordeaux druer og velsmag

  • 50 Varer
  • JA

Prisen er pr. stk. ved køb af 1 karton á 6 flasker

Bordeaux druer og velsmag

Beskrivelse fra gårdens egen hjemmeside: "The iconic Left Bank-based blend from De Toren, Fusion V is meticulously crafted from Bordeaux’s ‘Noble Five’ varietals and, with its complex flavours of liquorice, black cherry, cedar and dark berries, it offers a stylish departure for sophisticated oenophilic tastes.Soft as spun silk, with a lingering hint of sweet fruit on the back palate, this is a wine that will only improve with age.

Named for the ‘fusing’ together of Bordeaux’s five famous varietals (Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Merlot and Malbec), Fusion V celebrated its maiden vintage in 1999, at the same time marking the De Toren Private Cellar’s much anticipated first release.

Born of vineyards that are high in gravel content and benefit from prolonged exposure to the afternoon sun – conditions, in other words, that favour the cultivation of Cabernet Sauvignon – it is this intensely hued, robust flavoured varietal that, at 50 to 60%, forms the backbone of the formidable final blend."

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