De Toren Private Cellar

De Toren Delicate

119,00 kr inkl. moms

De Toren "Delicate"

Nyfortolkning af rødvin - frisk og let og serveres helst kølig

  • 50 Varer
  • JA

Prisen er pr. stk. ved køb af 1 karton á 6 flasker

Nyfortolkning af rødvin - frisk og let og serveres helst kølig

Fra gårdens hjemmeside:

"Redolent of roses and ripe-for-the-picking strawberries, the refreshing
De Toren Délicate is an elegant red blend that combines red’s seductiveness with the undeniable drinkability of white. Medium bodied and immeasurably gentle, it offers up an abundance of juicy fruit and velvety, smooth tannins that lead to a sophisticated finish.

Delicious on its own as an apéritif, it’s also the perfect consort to the lingering pleasures of Spanish tapas or a platter of the finest French charcuterie

An innovative reimagining of red wine, the French-inspired De Toren Délicate is a fresh and light cépage that reveals its best assets when served slightly chilled. While it displays intense red undertones, this limited-production wine is soft and delicate on the palate, making it the perfect culinary consort, not to mention the reason a number of the world’s top dining establishments choose it specifically for their dedicated tasting menus."

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